Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer = Sweatshop = AWESOME

So it has been a while since my last installment here. It certainly isn't because we have not been sewing but more so because we have been busy creating, camping and living!

Before our camping adventure we set our sights on making shorts and tank tops from the recipes we had altered.

I have to give Prey credit as she is the most amazing pattern maker and material cutter anywhere.  We had a bit of a problem tho as her back was killing her when she was cutting as we only had our big coffee table. We spoke about raising it up for a few months and finally with the help of the google I found a solution that worked and only cost us $14.00. I used a 4" pvc pipe which fits perfectly over the existing legs and brings Preys table up to a height that I hope will hurt her back less cuz I totally need her to cut and alter recipes for me. She is Brilliant!

We really worked at creating some awesome tank tops from different weights and styles of jersey.  I like my tank tops long so they cover my belly but we have decided that there is a point where we go too long and I look like I am in a little dress. I don't mind dresses but the more material covering my butt on a hot summer day is not the answer to a cool and collected CaMel!!

 We also made some shorts with elastic waists as well as some with pockets and zippers. 
We worked from two different recipes and found a great one that we believe will be our go to for the shorts as we can alter it to make the capris. 
These capris have been known to morph into some cute as heck ruffle bottom pants that have proved to be one of Preys most favorite things.

We have also worked on a few dresses. One that actually fit Prey. Its such a learning process. We discovered the crap part of trying to put a waistband into a pattern material and how if you don't match it up properly it looks like ass. 
What that means is Prey's new dress needs some alterations. I have decided to omit the entire waistband in hopes that if I do some elastic fortified lines in the top of the skirt the dress will be awesome. I got this idea from a dress we got Prey from a store and if it works like I think I will be using this method on future dresses of this nature. This dress has been super popular with our friends. I have made three and two of those have been sold, worn and loved!!  That is a WIN!

Random Waldo pictures .. He is always hanging out when I am sewing.

In trying to expand my experience and learn how things go together I decided to make myself another backpack. You see this CaMel does not carry a purse. I usually have pants or shorts with huge pockets but it seems with these new elastic awesome shorts I need a pack as we have not added pockets to them. 

I carry a moose backpack usually but wanted some variety in my life! 

Prey went into the storage unit and got out her box of stuffies she had saved for gosh knows what. We rescued a adorable orange hippo that was soon to go under the knife.
It took a day but I did it. I didn't make the zipper long enough so its a little more difficult to get my crap in her belly but it works wonderful!
I have done this too small hole situation before in a pair of shorts whose pocket I made pretty small. There is no grabbing anything quick from that pocket just like my new hippo!

It was a lot of fun to create her and I will do more. 
If someone has a favorite stuffy they want made into a cute backpack I am your CaMel!!

I am really proud to be wearing our own designs on a daily. Its been quite rewarding to hear peoples shock when they learn we have made this ourselves. 

The reason I started sewing was two fold.. to create clothes that fit and to get good enough to sell to our friends and suppliement my work from home income.

We have decided to start a little group to showcase what we are making in case someone wants something. I know we cant compete with the walmarts of the world but we can do clothes that are made to order. That fit people properly and are not the same as everyone else has access too!
Our prices will reflect this homemade aspect but we will try to remain fair as we totally understand the cost of clothes. 

We also have come across some wicked plus size dresses that we want to start to bring in for our friends. They are super cute and not so expensive. I imagine in time we could make these designs but it is going to be harder for us to find the amazing materials that these come in!  

We will be doing most of our advertising and selling online. We are going to set up a facebook group where we will post pictures of what we have in stock or can make and people can order from there. It will be a closed group but we will encourage people to have their friends join so we can reach only those interested in what we offer.

We are working on some pictures.. the hardest part of this entire thing as neither of us really like to take our picture! We need to model what we have made to post to the group as these lame pictures I take for the blog simply don't cut it!

I am hoping to have the group up and running by next week so we can start inviting folks and hopefully taking some orders.

I love this sewing gig.. it has such great potential in so many areas! I am so grateful that we can work together on this, even tho at times it makes us so frustrated and cranky! It always works itself out and in the end we usually have something awesome to show for our troubles.

With fall coming we are changing our focus to yoga pants, comfy big leg pants, pretty girl shirts, jeans and some hoodies!  

I can imagine there might be some fun times ahead!

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  1. oooh! The black and pink and green dress? I saw a girl wearing it on Sunday; so cool!