Wednesday, January 23, 2013

These lessons wear Orange Pants..

It finally happened.

After a few days, ok maybe a few weeks, of procrastinating the beginning of the scrub project I finally faced my fears and pulled out everything I thought I needed to accomplish my mission.

It had been a few days of opening the pattern and trying to read it.  Having a little freak out inside as I got lost in all the marks, arrows dotted lines and overwhelming fragile nature of the paper.

 It might have taken a few tries to get the pattern to unfold straight.

 It might have taken me a few moments to thoroughly look at all the pictures on all four pieces of paper and clearly identify the parts that belonged to "D" pants.

It might have taken me a bit of time to unfold and refold my material.
** I chose to not iron it before I did this and I won't make that choice again! Why, cuz i ran into areas after the fact that were all folded and didn't cut or sit properly**

It might have taken me a little while to pin all the pieces to the material.
** Dollar store straight pins have burs on them and are hard to force through the material**

I might have chose not to do one piece as Prey wasn't interested in pockets.
This is going to bite me in the butt a few steps from this moment but I was blissfully unaware as I pinned away.

and that's how it started..

From that moment it was full steam ahead.

I read through the directions trying to ensure I understood them before removing the pattern from the material and beginning the process.

It Might have gone on like this through out the entire process of creating these scrubs.

I did it tho.. with a few screw ups that I am about to go fix now.

They are not perfect but they are perfect! They are way to big for us in the caves which isn't a bad thing.

I am going to give them to my very gay brother.  He will rock the orange!

I will rock another pair a size smaller and a little darker!

Then I think I  might try to make the shirt!

That feeling of pride I had when I was a kid..

I got it now !!



  1. I gave the pants to my brother.. He loves them and says they fit perfectly!