Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saved by the Book!!

I was looking for a recipe book the other day (I didn't find it!) and sitting on the shelf waiting patiently for me to rediscover it was this... 

Preys Oma was a seamstress who had her own Dress shop for many years. She has relocated in the last year to a smaller condo and in the process we were given some sewing things.

 At the time our friend Beaner was doing some sewing for us and we were taking books and things for her to look through. We kept this back because it had everything in it and tucked it away in the bookshelf with the cookbooks.

I am THRILLED to say the least. This book has EVERYTHING in it. 

I love the way the universe gives us what we need and if we pay attention we are able to utilize these gifts to their up most potential.

This is one of those gifts that will be a game changer for me as it will assist me in so many different ways. It has already brought me joy and a weird sense of security.

Thank you Oma... I am proud to be the guardian of this treasure!

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