Sunday, February 17, 2013

The tale of the ugly pants!!

I found this pattern the other day while I was shopping and was terribly excited thinking these would be the pants I could wear everywhere.

(Note skinny chick is modeling the pants.. they DO NOT look like that on my chunky bottom!!)

I had some donated material that seemed to have the texture I was looking for.  lol texture!! Anyways.. I was looking for the "hang" factor and this material was somewhat stretchy and heavy.. ish

no matter.. It took a while to iron it all and then it took even longer to figure out the proper placement of the pattern.

I cut it all the pieces out and went about making these pants. The pattern was pretty straight forward, It had some gathers and waistbands.

I totally managed to sew the wrong sides together which I didn't realize until Prey asked how they were coming and then it dawned on me. She helped me take them apart.. just one seam. I think I am going to start sewing these practice garbs with a longer stitch to make removal easier.

I got to practice gathering and installing a hunk of elastic in the back.

In the end the pants came out like they looked on the cover but the style was not what I had anticipated and I now know it will not be one that I will wear outside my hallway!! lol.

Either way.. ugly pants for the WIN!!  lol  I believe I will deconstruct them and make em into a few pillowcases!!

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  1. oh my, where did you find that fabric. I had a skirt like that in my 20's... Harlequin phase. lol