Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This skirt has two mothers!!

So I have been plugging away at my machine the last month.
 I have accomplished quite a bit in regards to finishing some more scrub pants for Prey. A new pillowcase for my little squishy pillow.
A pair of sock poi and a whole lot of shopping for patterns.

I decided after all the scrub pants that it was time to try to make this cute skirt that we got a pattern for in hopes it would look good on Prey. 
I was starting with the blue one and had high hopes.

You see I LOVE this sewing gig. It is feeding my creative side incredibly well.  Between the instructions, my sewing encyclopedia and the internet I find I am learning a ton and not becoming to frustrated.  

I am not paying attention tho it seems. Prey and I worked together to cut out all the pattern pieces. It was fun to have her help and we spent the evening cutting, pinning and  cutting some more. Oh lets not forget ironing. 

I used the same material as I did for the ugly pants but this stuff is a different color and actually not so bad. 

I started to put it all together knowing this was going to be something I hoped Prey could wear if I could convince her the material wasn't as bad as the pants!

I am pinning and humming feeling very happy with myself for creating this cool skirt so fast and easily. 

Then it happened.  
I can feel it coming over me like the sunshine warms my head... the realization that something was very amiss.

I seemed to have an excess of waistband. I tossed the skirt around my waist and quickly realized that I didn't have enough skirt body to match the band. 

I looked again at the pattern and laughed as I realized that I had missed cutting the back piece. It seems this is a very important part of this skirt. 

Now this wasn't to much of an issue as it was really only one seam I had to pull out(with my new seam ripper!) all I had to do is cut out the back piece and pop it in and all would be well.

In someone else's land that might be how easy that could be accomplished but in the world of the Sewing CaMel this is NOT even close to my reality!!

It was almost instantly that I realized I did NOT have enough of the material to cut the back from. I did tho have enough material in the ugly pant color. After a sigh of defeat and a grunt, the piece was cut out.

Now the skirt is cute.. the material not so much. It wasn't bad in the brown and stood a chance of being worn but now that it had a red butt it was going to lead a lonely existence! 

If it wasn't a practice piece to see if the design looked good on prey I would have abandoned it then and re purposed the material. 
Due to its mission in life I knew I needed to buckle down and put it back together which is exactly what I did.  Ish..

I inserted the back and smirked as the waistband reached around perfectly from one end to the other. The skirt was kinda cute .. from the front! 

Prey came home before I had installed the backing of the waistband. Immediately I showed her my masterpiece, grinning like I was oblivious to the two toned aspect and asked her to try it on.

Sadly this skirt didn't fit. 
It was a few sizes off and the material needed to be two sided or one color due to the way the little pleat in the front falls.

Its a cute skirt and I did it right. Omitting the two toned part! I will make it again someday but it is not on my things to do soon list! 

 I have found the patterns to either be to big or small. I know i am doing things for practice but I would like them to fit us when they are complete as it feels like a lunch bag let down. I have resolved to start making my own adjustments in an attempt to get it right from the beginning. So I can feed my soul with a sense of accomplishment.

I want to dress my beautiful prey. I want her to be proud of what we can do together .. I want her to feel confident and pretty in her CaMel Creations! 

I will keep trying.. this is good clean fun!

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