Monday, March 18, 2013

Pants Pants Pants Pants.. Did I mention.. Pants!

Its all started with this pattern

Those damn shorts were now going to be the base pattern for a pair of pants. 
I have lofty ambitions of being able to make pants that I love. I am very fond of big wide leg jeans. The type with big pockets and a zipper!  I am not willing yet to convert to pull ups so I really need to master this whole zipper deal! I have been avoiding installing one by not finishing either one of those cute burlap dresses.   Sometimes things do come back to smack you in the keester don't they!! lol

So .. I am going to show you some pictures.. and in between those shots you can envision these CaMel moments.... 

  • I cut two pairs of pants out.. the first pair I decided was made from material that was just to thick for me to comfortably sew for my first pair. 

  • In sewing the top flap of the pockets on I acidentically attached the upper pockets to the inside of the leg.. I removed it and guess what.. did it again but not as much this time so if you were to look on the inside of the pants there might be a hunk of cut off pocket adhered!! 
  • The zipper situation was interesting. I didn't make the pattern properly and had to finagle it all by myself. It took me a bit to figure it out but in the end the zipper goes up and down. 

  • Apparently when I cut out the back legs I didn't do them straight. That makes it a little challenging when sewing it all together.

  • Both of our cats like to hang out with me when I am sewing. As you can see Kitty P is nestled between my chair and my back! She does this to Prey all the time but never to me! I was laughing and being totally pushed off my chair!

  • I need to add another inch to the bottom of my pants when making a recipe. I didn't have enough of a hem at the bottom so Prey suggested I add a cuff.. She saved the day as it makes the pants look awesome and ensures my ankles stay warm when I sit down! 

  • I need to keep in mind the pattern of material as even camo has a right way and a wrong way!  If you happen to notice my back pockets.. I meant them to be that way!
  • Basting is important as is measuring. and like the other projects I should try things on before attaching the waistband! 
  • Button holes are a wonderful thing. Automatic button hole makers seem to only work well on practice material. These pants do have a button hole that might be a little wonky but I don't expect many people to be inspecting my drawers so I am not worried about it.
I LOVE them!! 

I am really happy with how they turned out and they are FINISHED! I am going to wash them because I did not wash the material before I created them. 

It would be true CaMel spirit if they shrunk in the process!

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