Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The return of the Burlap Bag Dress..

Remember back there when I told you about making the cute burlap dress and how when we bought the pattern we didn't buy the right size. Teaching us to always check for sizes before walking out the store doors!
So we had some cute white material that felt like it would have a nice "fall" to it. the pattern was one that I couldn't screw up to much unless of course I ended up with a flower on each nipple but really what are the chances of that.

I was confident going into this project that I could create it without to many screw ups and it stood a really good chance that in the end it would fit Prey and all would be wonderful.

Off I went, cutting and ironing, recalling as I did these steps the first dress and its challenges.
I adjusted the pattern a bit as the biggest size was still a few sizes smaller then what we need. Finding a true plus size pattern is hard so adjusting them to our chunky monkey butts is my mission.

It was fun to tuddle along feeling confident of what I was doing and looking so forward to the outcome.

I get it all put together up to the point of sewing up the last side and installing the zipper.

It was time to have Prey try it on so if I needed to take it in anywhere I could do it.

Well.......  To continue with tradition the dress didn't fit. Even though I had added on the extra measurements to make the dress fit I did not take into account the BIG Boobs that my beautiful has!! lol
Now please don't think for a moment I believe said Boobs to be a nuisance. Yet as I watch the waistband pop halfway up her boob I might be a little put off~

I get right away the problem and realize how I have to fix it but I am not in any way happy about it or really feeling like removing 1000000000 stitches so I can pull it all apart and start again.

So we agreed that we were done with this dress. That it was simply to much work to yank it all apart.  It was now another project that we would come back to once I finish some of the necessary tasks I have on my list.

Then Jennie came over.. I was proudly showing off my latest projects and she grabbed the dress and put it on. It fit her .. pretty damn good to!

Turns out the dress has found itself a human!
If you note the placement of the flowers in the top.. .*Whistles*

Anyways.. I have a habit of not finishing anything.  This dress was included in that! Seems thanks to my friend I now have to spend a few hours finishing some of these projects so they can be added to her closet!

Its fun to know my friends want to wear what I create. Many of us are plus size girls. One of my inspirations is making us all clothing we can wear that is not the same as everyone elses. Giving us all options and clothes that fit us properly.

My friend adopting these items makes my heart sing.. Proving to me that accomplishing my goals will be possible.

I am grateful to everyone that is helping me make this happen.. everything from material donations, book gifting, helpful advice all so generous and so very appreciated.

I look forward to being able to create a little something for everyone.. :O)

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